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Michigan area users?

I am new to the Native Tree Society, and am just wondering if anyone is residing in the lower peninsula of Michigan? I have been looking for someone to collaborate with on hikes, and tree measuring expeditions. I am eager to begin researching, mapping, and finding the ratios of "big" to "small" trees in a region. Next year, I will begin studying biology at the University of Michigan and I will begin research there as well. After that I plan to move to the north coast of Cali where I can study the redwoods more intensely. Any help on measuring trees with accuracy would be much appreciated! I am looking into buying a Nikon ProStaff 440 and a Suunto clinometer, any suggestions other than that?

If anyone would like to help out I would be very greatful!

Doug Ham III
by dham81793
Mon Feb 27, 2012 10:06 pm
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