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Collaborative tree mapping

I would like to present a free website for collaborative tree identification and tree mapping. It is possible to define an area (for example your garden or your street) using a polygon and to map the trees you have identified. Trees are identified by their scientific name and online queries permit to find on a map where species or varieties are growing. It is based on the principle of a Wiki: each contributor can edit the trees and the changes are recorded. A video tutorial is available on the Website.

The objective of the website is to give a visibility of the knowledge of tree taxonomy in urban and peri-urban areas in order to bring biodiversity in the focus of the public and decision makers. If we reach sufficient participants it could become a unique tool for a better management of biodiversity conservation where people are living. This could also demonstrate the need of ex-situ conservation of endangered lowland species when natural reserves are located in hill or mountain areas.
by Jean Weber
Sun Oct 16, 2011 8:38 am
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