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Tellocks Woods State Natural Area, Wisc. and Mining


Tellocks Woods State Natural Area is an old growth Beech and Hemlock forest located in central Waupaca County, Wisconsin. The Woods contains interesting fauna and flora and is rare in the state since most of the Beech and Hemlock were cut for agriculture or tanning in the 1800's. Old growth like this is uncommon to say the least.

A frac sand mine is being proposed adjacent to Tellocks Woods and may have an impact on the environment. The Woods sits on a drumlin and occupies the north face. The south face of the drumlin is farmed out for corn and occupies about 160 acres. The mine, if permitted, would sit on this south facing slope and run up to the border of Tellocks Woods on top of the drumlin/hill.

Drought and lack of water can have impacts on vegetation causing plant collapse and make the plant community more susceptible to disease and insects. If anyone has information pertaining to water flows and mining impacts to groundwater and possible impacts to vegetation let me know. I am helping a group of citizens stop this mine and any information related to groundwater is appreciated.

You can sign a petition to stop this mine and protect Tellocks Woods and, also write letters to the Zoning Board at the following web site:

Also, more information on Tellocks Woods is located here;

Letters and e-mails must be received by Nov.29. I hope to get some more pics of the interior forest and circumferences of specific trees soon.
by canada yew
Tue Nov 20, 2012 4:55 pm
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Re: Recognising indigenous “sacred areas”

Getting the public to respect and understand indigenous concerns and spirituality is important. And the more we get developers and planners to understand ecology and native concerns the better....
by canada yew
Thu Jan 31, 2013 11:53 pm
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