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Re: Tree-ing and outreach

I agree 100%. I wasn't suggesting that this forum become, for example, a recreational tree climber hang out, but if you make such groups [I assume they are out there] aware of us, a few might think "cool, I can have fun climbing trees AND collect good data".

I found this website as a link from a tree climbing forum (the tree climber coalition). My reaction wasn't exactly that, as I was initially interested in the measuring and study of large trees and old growth forests before I became interested in climbing trees myself. While it may dilute your mission to increase membership with folks like me who are more interested in the recreational and art side of forests, I think it's also very important to show there's growing interest in the field of tree study even if it is merely to increase our enjoyment of recreational visits.
by ErikTrudelle
Mon Dec 12, 2011 3:10 am
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