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Greater Everglades Question

Hi there,

With the disclaimer that I'm a fairly new member of NTS who's eager to post more often & plow through the archives (in other words, apologies if this is an already-covered topic), I wondered whether anyone had any information on notable individual trees of the Greater Everglades. While I'm based in Oregon, I'm a frequent visitor to & devoted fan of the South Florida backcountry, and I've begun venturing more deeply into the outstanding Everglades wilderness. I'm aware of the huge, famed centerpiece West Indian Mahogany of Mahogany Hammock, and I know many trees of similar stature were logged out of the more accessible hammocks in the region (and that the pine rocklands of the Miami Rock Ridge, including Long Pine Key, were analogously harvested), but I just wondered whether any big-tree or old-tree surveys had been conducted either in the Everglades N.P. or associated locales (Big Cypress, etc., not necessarily counting the well-described Corkscrew Swamp with its Bald-cypress behemoths). I'm thinking of everything from champion Live Oaks to big old-growth mangroves & buttonwoods along the Everglades/Ten Thousands Islands coast. The Coastal Prairie Trail stretching from Flamingo to Cape Sable sure passes some nice Buttonwood & Black Mangrove veterans (and plenty of beautiful hurricane-killed snags).

Anyhow, just thought I'd throw it out there. As a naturalist & writer, I'm really interested in old-growth--including "hidden" old-growth of those ecosystems in which the concept has only lately been given attention. Thanks for any ideas, counsel, etc.

by ESH
Tue Jun 18, 2013 3:07 pm
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