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Re: Mighty Fine Kentucky Pines

The 174.5' white pine still probably isn't actually the tallest in KY. The state champion tulip tree in Beaver Creek Wilderness in McCreary County is officially 174', but the placard with that measurement is pretty old and the tree is still growing and healthy (I just visited it a couple of months ago). I've got some good photos but can't figure out how to post a photo here. Also, there is a super tall tulip poplar in Tight Hollow in the Red River Gorge that needs to be measured, which I think could be taller based on visual observation. Unfortunately I don't have the tools to measure it (no way to use a clinometer and measure out far enough in that terrain). There are some very old tulip trees in Tight Hollow, with the oldest I've dated having 404 rings before hitting the hollow portion. Entry into Tight Hollow is tough, requiring ropes to get in and out and crossing of private land (with permission). The route up Mill Creek takes too long to get to the head of the hollow where the oldest trees are. Message me if you're interested in checking it out sometime.
by Jim Scheff
Wed Jan 13, 2016 11:37 am
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