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Paul Sloss - Greetings in Western Massachusetts

Hi Everyone,
I’m Paul Sloss and my location is in Middlefield, Massachusetts. Nature study has been a lifelong passion but my interest in big trees and forest ecology grew when my wife and I purchased our home here in the Berkshires. The house, an 1820’s one room schoolhouse with several additions, was a real fixer-upper with no central heat, single pane windows and not much insulation. Whatever reservations I had about taking on such a project were completely overshadowed by the 44 acres of mature forest and wetlands that came with the house. The forest is dominated by hemlock and white pine with some mixed hardwoods and it contains some really impressive specimens, which is what launched me down the path toward ENTS.
Subjects of particular interest to me are old growth forests, tree measurement, and hemlock wooly adelgid. The discussions here are always enlightening and I feel privileged join a community with so many knowledgeable and caring people.
by Paul Sloss
Tue Mar 08, 2011 9:19 pm
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