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Warren Woods, Beech Heaven

beech dbh 4+ft.jpg I haven't been active on this site in a while, but am now making some pilgrimages to notable forests so thought I might share a few of these journeys. I live in Maine, but grew up in the Mid West. I love the fact that my current home state is mostly forest, and the highly developed landscape of southern Michigan where I once lived holds little appeal. Now family needs bring me back to the Michigan, and I decided to survive the traffic and subdivisions by seeking out some worthwhile trees and forests. So, while in Michigan recently, to sooth my soul I made a pilgrimage to Warren Woods in SE Michigan, which to my knowledge is one of the last primary forest stands of beech maple in this area. One thing that is truly heartbreaking in New England is the destruction of American beech by beech bark scale disease. Now it is rare to find large beech trees as the disease causes the trees to weaken and break. The Michigan trees, although marked up by fools carving their names, were lovely reminders of what the forests from here to New England once was.

I photographed many trees in the stand, which also includes large chinkapin oaks, tulip poplars and sugar maples. But the sight of towering beech trees over 4 feet in diameter was like medicine, and I took a few casual shots. My hat is in some the pictures for scale. I wonder if this forest has been documented in terms of tree measurement and other stand characteristics.

Well worth a day trip if you are in the area.

I'll share more of my travels probably in the Maine section of this forum. I'd like to find some ENTS folks in Maine that would like to take a trip to Big Reed Preserve there, 5000 acres of old growth that will be one of my next pilgrimages.
by Aleta
Sun Jul 31, 2016 10:21 am
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