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Re: Hello, All

The NY chapter of TACF has been supporting SUNY-ESF for 26 years to develop a blight resistant American chestnut. Attached is a picture of two seedlings the are from the same mother tree. The tree was pollinated with pollen from our blight resistant tree and only one of the seedlings got the OXO gene. Inotially the OXO gene is only on one side of othe croomosome and therefore onlyu 50% of the seedlings/nuts will get the blight resistant gene. As soon as we have a blight resistant tree big enough to produce burs we can cross pollinate to get a tree that is homozygous for the OXO gene, and then 100% of the seedlings from that tree will be blight resistant. See link for information on the SUNY-ESF web site.
by GrandpaChestnut
Fri Sep 23, 2016 4:18 pm
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