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Hi, from the tall trees of coastal BC!

Greetings fellow tree enthusiasts!

I'm interested in very large trees across the world. A pertinent interest of mine right now is to discuss and learn from others on the subject of how tall did the Douglas-fir often grow historically? I'm particularly interested in identifying research methods to predict historical tree heights.

I have a range of experience in old-growth, including my recent MSc studying old-growth forest recovery.

I have an online hiking guide to the incredible trees around Vancouver, BC. We have trees > 90m tall!

I did a 10 month cycling trip to see big trees across North America (Vancouver-Panama)

I've learned a lot from the NTS webpage over the years. Decided it was finally time to join. Looking forward to connecting with like minded tree folks.
by VancouverBigTrees
Thu Jun 02, 2016 1:20 am
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