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George in Cary, NC

Hi, I'm George McDowell, proud new member. Retired lawyer and military helicopter pilot. My town has a huge number of volcano-mulched trees. This drives me batty. Rather than simply ignoring the craziness, I thought I'd try to do something about it. Our publicly and commercially maintained trees show the predictable rattiness and other effects of starvation and desiccation. I publish a website showing the results of volcano-mulching, and how to amend the improperly maintained trees. Also send the city council and environmental advisory board a "Town of Cary Volcano-Mulching Weekly Update."

In order to do something positive that brings attention to trees, I plan to begin a Champion Tree Program for the town. The town currently has NO champions on the national or NC state lists. But it may generate some interest if we can start a program to identify the town's own champions. It is for this reason that I join NTS, and where I hope I can get good advice and council for this endeavour. It will be my program, which means no government interference or bureaucracy and that I can move at my own speed, but will consider once it gets going to turn it over to town

I know nothing about big trees except that I once hiked a redwood forest and will never be the same again.

by geomcd1949
Mon Oct 19, 2015 3:29 pm
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