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HEY HEY! :D (introduction)

Hey NTS!
(shout out to Don, Bob, Will, Larry, Eli, Matt, et al.)
It's Daniel Allen, the aspiring National Cadre Apprentice!
I'm originally from Davis County (Northern) Utah.
I've loved trees my entire life, and am just beginning to realize the career potential within the tree industry.
USU BS in Forestry, ISA certified arborist.
Now Urban Forester for Utah DNR.

For those who care to know:
I've already put my amazing truepulse gift to work measuring the potential state and national champion Pinus monophylla!
It's SO on!
Next stop?
A re-measuring of the reigning heavyweight champion Picea pungens!...
Also, many opportunities gathering on the horizon to show off &/or teach my new skillset.
Consider this my informal THANK YOU to all those at the Big Tree workshop in Durango!
I hope to stay in touch and pull down some serious gains!
Take Care,

by Transcendaniel
Wed Jul 08, 2015 10:29 am
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Re: National Cadre Grows

indeed I will be re-measuring the Big-Blue in Utah.
In fact, that will be taking place next Thursday the 13th, assuming I can find it:)
I will let you (*all y'all) know when the results are in.

In the meantime, I have a few questions:
Is there a recommended tripod for use with the Truepulse 360?
Do I need to do or fill out anything in order to officially become a National Cadre member?
(you don't have humiliating or primeval initiation rituals... do you?)

Let me know, thanks for everything you do for our 'tribe'...
by Transcendaniel
Mon Aug 03, 2015 12:49 pm
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