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Mr. Darvel Lloyd

Hi, I'm Darvel Lloyd, age 72 (retired) from Portland, OR, and am a hopeless big (and old) tree nut! I suppose my twin brother (Darryl) and I first developed a passion for hiking in ancient forests as kids, when our forester father took us on timber cruises and showed us the world's largest Douglas fir near Seaside, OR, which he discovered and saved from the saw. Unfortunately the "Clatsop Fir" blew down in a freak 1962 windstorm! These days, we take great delight in hiking in (and photographing) what few ancient forests still exist in the country, always on the lookout for "champion" trees. We also love to educate others about their existence, and we continue to advocate strongly for their preservation--especially if they aren't located in established Wildernesses, Research Natural Areas, or parks. [album] Clatsop Fir photo by Leo Isaac in 1938, 7x10, 72ppi. low-res.jpg Darryl at the Screaming Titans, low-res.jpg Darv at the big Oxbow Pk. Doug fir, low-res.jpg
by darvellloyd
Mon Aug 17, 2015 8:08 pm
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