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Hi there from a german redwood lover

Hi all, tree fans,

after years of frequent reading here, I decided to join and maybe I can add a bit. I am in my 40s and live in Germany, near the Dutch border.

Since visiting the redwoods in Sequoia NP and Redwoods NP in 1999, I was was profoundly influenced (not to say overwhelmed). I like to put it that some part of me has remained there. And will be from now on.

Unfortunately I was unable to return until today, but I found that many sequoias were planted here in Europe as well and I enjoy visiting trees some 100 years old that exceed 6 or 7 feet bhd.

My main source in finding such specimen is an internetdatabase and forum that started registering sequoias in Europe (all three species) around the year 2005:

Today we have registered almost 19,000 locations of sequoias (starting from 2 meters in height up to 55 metres max) in Germany alone and many thousands more in the rest of Europe.

Over the years a similar community like your NTS has grown and in 2013 it led to the founding of a non profit organization for the purpose of keeping the "Sequoiafarm Kaldenkirchen" alive. More about this place here at Wikipedia:

In Kaldenkirchen grows one of the largest Sequoiadendron giganteum specimen of Germany. Its bhd is roughly 9.5 feet and its biggest branch about 4 feet in diameter. It is the the no. 10 in Germany, the biggest being the specimen in Neuweiler-Hofstett with a bhd of 13.5 including a big burl which can be used as a comfortable seat.

That just about wraps up my introduction here. Needless to say that I'm a great enthusiast for trees and nature in general. Therefore I already noticed some common names in this forum (Kouta from Finland and Karl-Heinz from Germany from and I look forward to having some serious tree discussions about the biggest, gnarliest, most wonderful trees all over the world here on this platform.

With best regards from a German tree lover,

Edit: I forgot the photos. That's me on the left.
by Frank
Sat Oct 18, 2014 5:52 pm
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Re: The only example of a weeping sequoia living in the fore

Hi there from Germany,

it's been quite a while since I visited this forum, but today I stumbled across a weeping sequoia being mentioned in the thread about the Waterfall Tree/Big Base Tree.

I have Flint's book as well where the same tree is mentioned. But it is not the only one of it's kind.

In May 2015 two friends of mine visited the redwoods and the sequoias. In the Mariposa Grove of Yosemite there are TWO smaller weeping sequoias. One with about 20 and the other 15 ft.

There was even another special variety of Sequoiadendron at Mariposa which was called Barabit's Requiem in Europe. At least it looks a lot like it.

Here's the link to our Sequoia- Forum and the particular thread with some photos as proof (all texts in German, sorry):,9849.msg113676.html#msg113676

I include one photo in here as well.


Edit: The variety pendulum was discovered and named in a french nursery in the 1880s. But one of the oldest and most beautiful specimen I know of grows at Bodnant Gardens in Wales:

It's the European Champion of it's kind with about 110 ft in height and 10 ft in dbh. It's quite rare to find single stem trees in Europe. Mostly they form the weirdest shapes. If you picture-google the botanical name, you will find p!enty of bizarre trees.
by Frank
Sat Nov 28, 2015 7:54 pm
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