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Old Trees in Wyoming


I went back to school when my kids were grown and graduated 2 years ago at the age of 48. I got degrees in geology and biology. I worked and did research in a Tree Ring Lab while in school. During my research project, I found some pretty old trees and that got me interested in old trees, especially junipers.

It has taken me a while to get settled into my new life after graduation, but I am now ready to start my old tree search. My job is such that I work for two weeks, then I have two weeks off (I get a vacation every month!), so I have lots of time for my hobby. I will core as many trees as I can during the summer, then spend the winter processing the cores.

I live and work in Wyoming so I am going to confine my search there and I already have many places I want to investigate. Old trees are not usually the biggest, nor are they growing in the middle of the active, thriving forest. They are usually the smallest, scraggily trees growing in the harshest conditions. We have lots of harsh conditions here in Wyoming so lots of potential subjects!

If I find some populations of old trees, I hope they can be protected. I see ancient junipers cut down, or huge limbs whacked off all the time. I am pretty sure it's from people who are making furniture and it really makes me mad. If they are doing it for firewood, that is worse, but at least those people probably just don't know what they just cut. I hope to share my data with anyone so that more of these old trees can be protected, or at least increase the awareness within the public-land-using public so they can avoid damaging these trees.

I just found this site and read about the meeting in Durango. I wish I could go, but I work. It sounds super interesting.

I look forward to "meeting" the folks here and am happy to answer any questions about coring trees, etc. I am leaving for California today so I won't be around for a few.


Edited to say "now" ready to start...not "not ready to start" lol
by Treed
Thu Jul 31, 2014 11:31 am
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