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New dbh champ for SESE

On May 15, 2014, Joseph Hall and I discovered a giant single-stem redwood while bushwhacking through a remote area in Northern California. Our preliminary measurements suggested this SESE's diameter was larger than Lost Monarch.

For independent verification, I returned to the tree with Zane Moore and Luke Adams. The difference between upslope ground level and downslope ground level was 16', so we painstakingly performed an even tape wrap at upper ground level. The result was 23.95'. This measurement was treated as 8' above average ground level, and Zane then plugged in Bob Van Pelt's functional dbh equation. This yielded a functional dbh of 27.2'.

In our opinion 27.2' is a conservative number, because the functional dbh equation accounts for an average SESE taper, and the taper between 4.5' and 8' on this tree is well above average.

We can say with confidence that it is a new dbh champ for redwoods.

Joseph and I have named the tree "Crocodile".
by John Montague
Mon Jun 30, 2014 6:48 pm
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