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Re: Question about tree diseases and pests ect

I worked (very briefly) in the Worcester office of the USDA-APHIS branch in charge of long-horned beetle eradication. The amount of in-fighting and ignorance was frightening. There were 2 "respected" MA foresters who were absolutely convinced that poison ivy was not native, yet could not present any documentation to support this. There were APHIS supervisors who were far more concerned with posturing and personal vendettas than anything else. There were crew members who had seen year-to-year repeat evidence of chestnut trees with flowering offspring, who did not want to share this information with anyone else.

One of the big issues with Asian interlopers is wood pallets. ALB is continuing to be found in wood pallets shipped from China. If legislation could be passed that bans wood pallets (what a great use for recycled plastic!), as in some countries, a lot of the serious wood pests would be curtailed.

On another note, I finally measured the 100-year-old maples in my backyard - the sugar is an unremarkable 111", the red is a respectable and healthy 139" dbh.

by bigbuglady
Thu Aug 15, 2013 8:40 am
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