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Re: Why Aren't Women More Active in ENTS?

I don't often have the time to reply to posts (I am a graduate student in forestry/forest ecology), but I do read them. I was surprised to see your post that women just don't get into nature the way men do. I respectfully have to disagree. Yes, there are women with no interest in being outside in a forest, just as there are men with a similar lack of interest in the outdoors. I don't think its fair to say that women don't enjoy forests as much as men- even at a general level. Just my thoughts.

To the group generally,
There could be a lot of reasons why women aren't posting to the group as much, perhaps they feel more observational rather than conversational. It is through conversation that we are able to share knowledge and ideas, but it is through observation first that we can have informed conversations. This is just my take on the situation, I am only one woman's voice. I don't think ENTS in an old boys club, and never got that impression, even if men are the primary discussion posters. This may be a reflection of my worldview and upbringing: people are people (I was raised as a person rather than as a girl if that makes sense).

The main reason I don't post more is I am at a stage in my career when I don't have the time to devote to group as actively as other members. I know some very passionate and devoted tree-loving women are out there, just maybe not able to post here on ENTS very often.

by ribbons
Wed Jul 13, 2011 11:29 am
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