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New member - tree measurement

Hi everybody

my name is Peter Surovy, I currently live and work in Japan, I am interested in tree measurements and biometry. I found your board and joined it, I would like to find some new information and also receive some feedback, hints about tree measurement and so on. I see that this topic is intensively discussed here.

I work on 3D reconstruction of trees, I found on this board that you already have a nice examples of photogrammetry here from Michael Taylor . I attached here a 500 years old japanese cryptomeria. (The diameter in the height of the white rope is cca 4 meters)

And I also try to develop in my free time some measuring apps for iOS, you can find one on AppStore (search for SmartForester). It is only a prototype and it only works on iPad, there may be many bugs and errors. At the moment I work with the students on the accuracy assessment and ergonomy of it. As I said if someone is interested any feedback or comment is appreciated. Thank you.
by suriak
Tue Feb 11, 2014 10:02 am
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