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Oak Leaf with Split Midrib

Hi All,

Here's an unusual leaf I found at Simpsonwood in GA. For scale, the notebook it's sitting on is 9 1/2" long.

I'm curious how common this may be and if anyone has other examples.



- Matt
by Matt Markworth
Tue Oct 15, 2013 4:55 pm
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The sequoia with the greatest ground perimeter - 155 feet

I first came across this extreme tree in To Find the Biggest Tree (1987 & 2002) where it’s unnamed.
Author Wendell Flint just calls it Big Base Tree on his Alder Creek Grove map in the later edition.
The book contains no photo of it.

Dwight Willard in A Guide to the Sequoia Groves of California (2000) calls it Day Tree.
Thoughts on whether Big Base Tree or nearby Stagg Tree may be the tree noticed by Day in 1931 can be found on pages 76 & 78 in Flint’s book (2002).

Recently I found that Archangel Ancient Tree Archive calls it Waterfall Tree.
The organization has taken samples from the tree and cloned it.
To read more and to watch a video from the climbing of and collecting from the Waterfall Tree visit
Maybe someone happens to know who named it Waterfall Tree?

To find the Big Base Tree Flint suggests clambering through the brush starting at the Stagg Tree.
We did that, but an alternate less bushy route is to pass the Stagg Tree sign and walk the main trail maybe a minute longer until you actually see the Big Base Tree and an overgrown path leading to it.

by F.Jakobsson
Sun Mar 10, 2013 7:14 pm
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Re: TCI Rendezvous 2013. Sweetgum climb.

Hi TC- Lots of Sweetgums down south, thousands of Sweetgums over 100'. I've measured one to 132' in Central Ms. at Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge back in 2011. One in Florida to 126' at Torreya State Park and one to 102' also in Central Ms., Bienville N F at Tallahala Wildlife Mgt Area. I will be reporting on some potential Sweetgum records from Ms in the very near future. I wanted to make the gathering but had other plans hopefully we will have another such meeting. The largest Sweetgum trees I've measured in a few photos. Larry
by Larry Tucei
Fri Oct 18, 2013 4:48 pm
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Cutting edge application of remote sensing to conservation


A recent TED talk of Greg Asner discussing conservation applications of cutting edge remote sensing technology left my jaw on the floor. The talk features impressive visualizations from LiDAR and hyperspectral imaging, and includes some unusual applications such as studying lion and elephant behavior. This is work by the same team that Rand posted on a couple of years ago.

by Jess Riddle
Tue Nov 26, 2013 7:34 pm
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