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by Climbatree813
Sun Dec 13, 2015 5:52 pm
Forum: Wisconsin
Topic: Jordan Park - Stevens Point Wisconsin
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Re: Jordan Park - Stevens Point Wisconsin

I have a decent number of Bur Oak measured in Minnesota (though none anywhere near the size of the official state champ.) A new clinic was just built near home that cut the largest oak in the city and replaced it with a parking lot, which I wasn't all that happy with.
by Climbatree813
Sun Dec 13, 2015 4:19 pm
Forum: Wisconsin
Topic: Jordan Park - Stevens Point Wisconsin
Replies: 3
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Jordan Park - Stevens Point Wisconsin

Jordan Park is a popular recreation area north and east of Stevens Point, Wisconsin. It encompasses 271 acres that border Jordan Pond/ Plover River on the east side. Though busy during the warmer months, Jordan Park was pretty quiet when I stopped in yesterday (we only saw one person and their dog.)...
by Climbatree813
Sat May 09, 2015 7:16 pm
Forum: Minnesota
Topic: Difficult Big Tree Question
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Difficult Big Tree Question

Awhile back, the DNR coordinator for the Minnesota Big Tree Register wrote to say that she would be starting up the registry again soon. This came as pleasant news to me because the registry has been gone for a number of years now. She also asked if it would be ok if the newspaper asked me some ques...
by Climbatree813
Mon Apr 06, 2015 7:01 pm
Forum: Minnesota
Topic: Any idea what my local parks are up to?
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Re: Any idea what my local parks are up to?

Well, my local park district is up to their old "cut when possible" tricks again. I've only been to two of their parks recently, but they have started cutting any and all healthy ash from their picnic areas (I would assume in preparation for EAB.) I don't entirely follow their logic (wouldn't it cos...
by Climbatree813
Sat Feb 28, 2015 6:19 pm
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Arboreal Proctology
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Re: Arboreal Proctology

I've stuck my cellphone into hollow trees before. =) There was an old sugar maple that I found that would have been state champ. Three months after I measured it, it snapped in a storm. No wonder too. It had less than 4 inches of wood around the outside. As for trees you can climb in: they're not qu...
by Climbatree813
Fri Feb 27, 2015 11:05 pm
Forum: Dendrochronology and Tree Ages
Topic: Eastern OLDLIST
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Re: Eastern OLDLIST

Very cool data. Dendrochronology is a fascinating study. I remember reading an article about the oldest tree in Minnesota being a Northern White Cedar around 1100 years of age (not as old as the ones on your list, but still nice.) I was up there last summer since I have friends that have a cabin on ...
by Climbatree813
Thu Feb 26, 2015 8:19 pm
Forum: Oregon
Topic: Portland Heritage Trees
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Re: Portland Heritage Trees

Minneapolis has one ... e_program/ and one of the suburbs of Minneapolis (Minnetonka) used to have one, but I think it has since gone away. Those are the one's I know about near me.
by Climbatree813
Mon Feb 23, 2015 9:52 pm
Forum: Arboriculture and Landscaping
Topic: Oak Opening Project
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Re: Oak Opening Project

They are nice aren't they?!? They haven't found my oak yet and they won't eat my Tamarack, but they sure made a nice salad out of my Maple last winter.
by Climbatree813
Sun Feb 22, 2015 11:38 pm
Forum: Art: Sculpture
Topic: Quercus jackfrostii
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Re: Quercus jackfrostii

Well, well done. My only logical question is why have I never done this? If I can't find a big tree on a particular day it only makes sense to make one out of snow. =) Today though it was almost -40 windchill where I'm at so maybe I'll wait on building a tree for awhile. =)
by Climbatree813
Sun Feb 08, 2015 6:05 pm
Forum: Tree of the Week
Topic: Tree Maximums - Genus of the Week: Pinus
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Re: Tree Maximums - Genus of the Week: Pinus

I got a TruPulse 360 near the end of last year. It is a little different than measuring with a Nikon 440 for sure! =) I got back out to the Reserve today and came up with some numbers I never expected. I pressed on into a part of the park I hadn't explored much before. In that certain section every ...

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