Posted: Sun Feb 19, 2017 2:38 pm
by AndrewJoslin
dbhguru wrote:Andrew,

A 132.67-foot tall, 13-foot circumference white pine is a keeper any day in my book. Glad to see you posting again. e hope you'll consider joining us in the National Cadre. You can define your area of coverage to be as small as you like.


Most definitely, life's been a work in progress the last few years, I'm ready to get back to tree measuring. Which reminds me, I was recently introduced to an amazing grove of large/tall vigorous tuliptrees near Sandy Hook, CT. Trees are on conservation land. The monarch of the grove had impressive CBH, massive volume in the crown and good height. I'll be returning to measure in the next week or two and will report back. The downside was that every ash in that area of woods was dead or close to death, EAB. Every ash, it is the first time I've seen EAB devastation with my own eyes.