Posted: Sat Jun 25, 2011 1:27 pm
by adam.rosen
I know that there have been some nice posts about the huge cottowood and it's smaller bretheren at Bartholomew's Cobble. Well, for the trouble of two tick bites, I have some photos of that tree, as well as nice tulip tree that has been marked at the Cobble. Bartholmew's Cobble is a very nice place to visit on the Northern Mass and Connecticut border, and I think the whole Route 7 corridor, from Connecticut to Pittsfield, is prime tree viewing territory.]adam next to cotton wood.jpg[/attachment]jpg[/attachment]

adam next to tulip tree.jpg

Here's me next to this wonderful tulip tree at the cobble. Girth didn't get measure, but you've got 110 kilos for comparison.