Posted: Mon Mar 20, 2017 2:36 pm
by Erik Danielsen
Joe, have you seen the ones that are proposed to be built just for the sake of adding trees in vertical space? I see now that the original post featured residential towers that have greenery added to their facades, which I agree could have some benefits, though probably overstated- I was thinking of other projects that have been posted on facebook that propose to build entire towers just to be vertical layers of "forest" or garden in the middle of the city as opposed to an enhancement of a residential building, like these: ... -forest/or

Even on the residential ones, the trees depicted in the concept art are kinda iffy- good-size conifers and broadleaves with very little root space. For example the tower in Milan that's already been completed has, sensibly, much more modest shrubs and small trees than depicted in the concept art. Even then, the added material and structural requirements (concrete production being a major CO2 source) continue to make the environmental benefits of adding these plants to the building questionable. An overview here: ... yscrapers/ and some followup reporting here: ... cal-forest