Posted: Wed Apr 26, 2017 3:32 pm
by Bart Bouricius

Thanks for the image. On another subject, I noticed you have a species Pterygota alata listed at 45 m height. Interestingly my tallest measurement in Costa Rica is of a species of the same genus Pterygota excelsa from Carara National Park at 64.5 m (211.5'). Though there seem to be less than 20 valid species in this genus, they are spread globally throughout the tropics, where they are found as native species, rather than introductions. This genus is in the Malvaceae family, which includes such icons as the Kapok Ceiba pentandra, native to Latin America, and the various Baobab species (genus Adansonia) of Africa. I just wonder if the species you measured can get much taller?