Posted: Tue Sep 26, 2017 3:45 pm
by RayA
There is one single known tree that reaches 175' in height in all of New England, and possibly beyond. It's a white pine that Bob Leverett has been tracking for 25 years (not that that's hard to do... it's never moved from the spot in all those years!). But he's been measuring and re-measuring it, and double-checking it, and measuring it with different techniques and equipment, then re-measuring it over and over again. Phew!

Well, it was about time someone caught him on camera doing that. And Matt Markworth was in on it too... he measured a different, nearby pine, oddly enough named "The Matt Markworth Pine". What were the chances of that?

If you'd care to see these two pros at work (?), visit

It will use up about 10 minutes of your life, but heck, it's about trees!