Posted: Wed Aug 17, 2016 10:35 pm
by Matt Markworth
sradivoy wrote:I'm really enjoying these videos! Many thanks for all the time and effort you're putting into it. I like how you slowly and methodically build on what you did previously, gaining new heights (no pun intended) and know how with each new video. Excellent systematic approach! Like climbing a mountain (of knowledge).

I appreciate the kind words! I enjoy doing them very much and now that I have a system down they're pretty easy to make.

Along with making more videos the next project will be completing "video notes" to go along with each video. I'll keep sharing them on the BBS and I'm also keeping all the materials and videos centrally located on a new site I set up. So far I've done some formatting on the site, worked on some thumbnail images, and added the five videos I've done so far. Here's the url: