Posted: Tue Oct 17, 2017 7:01 pm
by ElijahW

I have a number of updates to my earlier questions in this thread. Firstly, on the topic of Hickory species present at Oakwood Cemetery, I asked Dr. Leopold in person a few months ago and received some helpful answers. Mockernut is not found on the property, and the tree I posted photos of is Red, as Will surmised. The tree I thought to be Mockernut was, in fact, Pignut.

In regard to the numbered photos, I've learned the following:

1.) #1 is not Mockernut. The nuts I found were thin-shelled and lacked sharp ridges, which rules out Mockernut and Bitternut. All leaves I found had 5 leaflets, which suggests, but does not prove, Pignut.

2.) #2: I haven't gotten back to this tree, but I think Red makes the most sense.

3.) #3 actually fell down a few weeks ago, and I was able to see a lot of the canopy-level leaves up close. All had 5 leaflets; however, I didn't find any nuts that I could reach, and what was on the forest floor I wasn't certain which tree it came from. On this tree I'm leaning toward Pignut, but Red certainly was not ruled out.

4.) #4 is Bitternut. This was kind of a wildcard I threw in the mix, but already knew the answer.