Posted: Sun Jul 30, 2017 7:21 am
by Joe
Bob, as you know, over the years I uploaded countless photos of some of my forestry work- not much in this forum, but in the almost daily emails with the so called Mass. "forestry community". But I don't have them organized since I no longer have a web site. But forester Mike Leonard from Petersham, MA has an awesome Facebook photo album site at ... tab=albums

It's actually a series of albums. I don't think there's a better forestry web site on the planet. I've seen many of the properties shown in these albums. Of course even this excellent work- excellent to foresters, will not be liked by some of the general public but they need to realize if they like wood- it's gotta come from somewhere and there's no way for the work to be without an impact. When done well, the impact is short term. The harvested trees can't just float into the sky and fly off to the sawmill. Some nice looking trees will get cut. Big machines will be used. Skid trails are everywhere. The forest will look different. But anyone who can't handle this should live in a plastic/cement/steel house with cement furniture and give up all paper products including toilet paper. :)

But I'm always the first to say that most logging is poorly done- which is why I've been the Che Guevera of the forestry world since the day I started- fighting against bad logging- and that's why I can never afford to retire. Those who sing the party line get soft jobs with big salaries and retire with few grey hairs.