Posted: Sat Jul 29, 2017 5:36 pm
by dbhguru

but alas, too many people don't like forestry

I don't know what the status of forestry is with the general public. I've not seen any opinion surveys. However, I believe the vast majority of the people in NTS respect the profession of forestry and recognize its value to society. Some Ents are foresters, and we are all wood users. But NTS, as you have yourself acknowledged, is not about forestry. It is about the celebration of trees and what attracts us most are trees with interesting forms, history, great size, longevity, etc. Seedings, saplings, and young pole-sized trees may be economically important in the context of growing trees for commercial purposes, but they don't fire our imaginations.

As to how aesthetic an actively managed woodland can be made, that is a worthy topic to discuss on the BBS. Photos are important. In the video that Ray and I are doing on old growth, we intend to show images of younger forests for comparison purposes. It would serve the educational purpose of the video to show some images of well managed forests as a counterbalance to what is often seen after logging operations.