Posted: Sun Oct 16, 2016 10:39 pm
by edfrank
Received October 15, 2016

Hi I don't think I sent the information to you that the city of Guelph and developers cored 3 of the maple trees in the grove the oldest was found to be 260 years old and this did not take into account the hollow core. they were unable to estimate the age of the iron wood as it was found to be almost completely hollow.
The city after the OMB the city purchased the grove. We are now pursuing heritage status for the grove to protect it perpetuity. As it is still potentially under threat from any potential future road widening etc. Thanks so much for publishing Bruce's report. Doug Larson spoke to me after the maples were cored and he is still unconvinced of the age of the maple trees in the grove. It is unfortunate that a scientist will not support the tree coring results done by experts. In fact Bruce actually underestimated the age of the oldest sugar maple cored. He told me at the time that it was better to underestimate the age rather than identifying a tree as older than it is.if you would like to have the tree report with the core results I can send it to you. Best regards Laura