Posted: Sat May 13, 2017 10:12 am
by AndrewJoslin
KoutaR wrote:What do you think, is it possible that the strange behavior of the BBS recently was due to a hacker attack? Are the username-password combinations possibly in the hands of criminals now?

The way I look at web sites that have logins is that there are two kinds, one is for financial, medical or similar types that I absolutely don't want hacked. The other (the most common) are web forums or non-critical sites where if it is hacked I merely suffer inconvenience. Looking at the problem that way I never use simple or common passwords for the critical type logins. For web forums like ENTS I'm much less concerned about "criminal hackers".

Non-commercial forums like the ENTS-BBS are constantly under attack, it is possible that ENTS BBS was hacked but it's equally possible that a glitch in the BBS configuration is causing the recent issues.