Posted: Tue May 10, 2016 3:50 am
by John Harvey
I figured I would post some scenarios here to gather some opinions and show some of the challenges in wrapping some of the redwoods here in California. Ill start with an easier one and I'll make it tougher from here on out. Truth be told, 98% of the nations largest trees are excluded from nomination to the AF champion tree list Highlander says, there can be only one.

So here we have a tree I'll call, The Floodplain Tree. Myself and fellow BBS contributors Yinghai Lu and Max Forster came upon this tree in Redwood National and State Parks, as Mario likes to say. So I'll start with a couple questions:

1. When does leaf litter, "duff" (fallen needles), debris wash and so on constitute as ground level in your opinion or does it ever?

2. When do you abandon 4.5 feet above the base for a wrap? Lets say a large burl exists at this point or the entire base is a burl(s).

I know what I did to wrap this tree but I'm curious what you would do. Obviously I'm not in the habit of clearing years of fallen needles away from a trees base for many reasons and this tree is nowhere near what I've seen due to the fact it sits on a floodplain and may have it's needles washed clean from time to time. As you can see the tree has lots of burls at breast height and the one side is covered in growth. This side and the back are the most challenging portions as they heavily inflate the wrap and the duff blends the growth into the ground in some spots seamlessly. The burls on the back side are well above 6' tall.