Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2017 11:38 am
by Joe
gnmcmartin wrote:NTS:

Norway spruce trees show considerable variety, much, if not most of it genetic. I especially love those with dense, weeping foliage. This is one on the Morvin Park Estate in Leesburg, VA.


It is just up from the parking lot on the path to the historic house. My guess is that it is about 80 feet tall and 30" in diameter


Gaines, you should look for a NS with a true "weeping" genetics so that the main stem and branches twist all over the place, in addition to the expected weeping. I got one at a local nursery. Mine is now about 5 feet tall. I recently saw a much bigger and older one on the Smith College campus in Northampton, Mass. I'm sure Bob Leverett and other local NTS members have seen it. I may have a photo of it as I go to that campus yearly to view the trees and the small but nice art museum on the campus.