Posted: Fri Mar 11, 2016 10:49 am
by wisconsitom
You aren't kidding, Lucas. I had a DNR Forester once say to me something like "yeah, the wildlife guys want everything to look like a prairie..... I get it....wildlife habitat has for so long been focused on game species, most of which do flourish under early-succession-stage habitat that there has long been a sort of unacknowledged reality that such seemingly disparate entities as trophy deer hunting groups and paper companies formed unholy alliances to keep the shorter rotation systems dominant across the Lakes States. Then, beginning in the 80s (I guess), the federal agency finally started employing a more broadly-focused management, and this was aided and abetted by the people in states like this one, where we became true partners in research and operations, to reach mutual goals.

Of course if you've seen any of my earlier screeds here, things in the state here are, uh, very, very much worse now.