Posted: Mon Jun 17, 2013 2:58 pm
by hamadryad
I thought it was time I added a few more English Beeches to this thread.

As you can see in one image sunburn is a common problem, your beech bark disease can also be sunscald if the woodland is thinned too much and in hot weather.

I re inspected some old friends over the weekend, sadly I missed the Laetiporus while it was in its prime, the tree has failed within the last few days the bracket must have been over 50lbs in weight!

In one image you can see the Lion of Buckinghamshire carved into the chalk hills of the Chilterns, beech habitat, this landscape is full of beech woodland

beeches at old amersham 027.JPG

croft  ireland 073.JPG

croft  ireland 064.JPG

croft  ireland 063.JPG

croft  ireland 062.JPG