Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2013 7:28 am
by Jeroen Philippona
The idea about fog being necessary for optimal height growth was described by Alan Mitchel in his book 'Alan Mitchell's trees of Britain' (1995, p. 140). Also he writes there is normally no frost in the natural area and summer temperaures are much higher than in the UK. The reason for the better growth in Rotorua, NZ compared to the UK will probably be the higher summer temperatures and the absence of frost.
He writes in the UK redwoods grow best in sheltered, damp sites with high watertable, especially in the humidity and shelter of tall surrounding trees in deep, wooded combs or at the base of a wet hillside.
When exposed to cold or warm, dry winds like in the east of England the tops flatten. In Scotland the summers seem to be to cool for optimal growh.