Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2013 8:53 pm
by Jeroen Philippona

Yes, I forgot to put Metasequoia at the list, I will do that soon. We have lasermeasured specimen of 33.2 m in Spain and 32.8 m in the Netherlands. In Germany there are a few trees reported up to 37 m, but I am not sure if they were measured accurate.

Its not strange that giant sequoias top coast redwoods: they are better adapted to areas with cold winters. The one coast redwood of 54 m in England is strange tall, the second is only 49 m. In Germany, with colder winters, the tallest coast redwood is only 38 m, tallest giant sequoia in that country is 53.6 m.
Also coast redwoods for optimal growth need the oceanic mist of the Californian coast zone.

Scotland has barren areas, but also many sheltered valleys with beautiful estates with the tallest conifers of Western Europe. This because of the mild, oceanic winters and the high rainfall, comparable to the Pacific North West.

I now updated the excel file and included two laser records for Metasequoia as well as a new Hazel (Corylus avelana) record. See post nr. 20.