Posted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 9:54 am
by Brigitte
Hello! Thank you for your nice comments about my drawings Bob! And thank you for all the (little bits of ) information. I hadn't looked at the website in a bit and have to figure out how it really works - communication-wise. The information on this site is enormous! So much to read. I hope to find some of these trees. I was at the Mohawk state forest this summer but not long enough to find the Jake Swamp pine. And I am often in Orange, MA so I will have to find out how to visit those ancient trees! Wachusett is closet to me. I am often there skiing or cycling, but find it hard to find time to hike! I often look a the older crooked trees at the summit and wonder about them. I need to call the state park office to find out if there is anyone who does an old tree tour. I would have done when Joan Maloof was here, but it was cancelled due to thunderstorms. I thought I would go rogue and go anyway to see if anyone showed up. AND they did. Always trust your gut. Joan hiked with Joe Chinoinere (incorrect spelling) from Audubon I believe. That miss was a disappointment.
Anyway, Bart, thanks for the invite for next spring. That would be interesting! I would love to learn how to measure (though numbers are not my friends!). My email is the better place to contact ( me unless I figure this site out. I have a few months!! :) In the meantime I keep reading about trees - history, ecology, biology and sociology. If anyone has reading suggestions about trees/tree people (New England and elsewhere) I would love to hear about them. I am reading The Final Forest by William Dietrich presently. Again, I will read the site and put this out there for others to suggest. Thanks. Happy Fall!