Posted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 8:43 am
by Brigitte

My name is Brigitte and I am from north central MA - somewhat near Wachusett Mtn. I have loved trees (esp. old gnarly ones) my entire life! I don't know how that came to be, but one of my first memories (I was about 3.5-4 yrs old) and a tree was being cut down in front of my house. I was soooo mad. I was banging on the windows while calling one of them "dum-dum". The men were having a great time and I wanted to get them to look at me because I wanted them know how stupid I thought it was to cut my tree down. I wanted them to stop. My mom came along and told me to stop because I was being mean. She didn't understand how horrible I felt about that tree coming down (maybe it was a sick tree.....).

I am an artist. My work is mostly very detailed drawings of plants (some trees too) and architecture, photography and other things I dabble in. I wished I had continued college in biology, but I didn't. Art and history trumped it. I have continued my own study and love of trees, nature and birding since my youth and it led me recently to pick up two books on Old Growth Forests by Joan Maloof. I never realized how many people love old trees (not enough people, but more than I thought). Read them on a trip to San Francisco (where I finally saw Muir time for more than that). I cannot remember if she mentions ENTS in her books or on her site, but I am pretty sure that is how I found you. I am not sure I can be of much scientific help to you, but I can advocate or help out in other ways and I am always up for learning......or I can just draw them for you! :D is my website.