Posted: Fri Aug 18, 2017 9:40 pm
by halifax
Hi Friends,

I'm Harry White, a forest ecologist working in New England for over 20 years. I've been an ENTS lurker for >15 years. My only touchpoint with ENTS was when I hosted Bob L. at a land trust meeting in southern Litchfield County about 10 years ago.

I work in the land trust world with over 20,000 acres conserved and I have been the primary agent for the establishment of over two thousand acres of forever-natively wild conservation easements on private lands primarily in the southern Berkshires. I also work with Northeast Wilderness Trust as their Consulting Ecologist, working from the ADKs to Maine Woods on fairly big-block forever-natively wild projects. I am a friend of trees both young and old and a foe of loggers and foresters. My life's work is dedicated to protecting the old-growth systems of the future. I won't be around to see that outcome of my work but that's OK by me.

I am willing to share my knowledge with anyone working on permanent land preservation projects that have no reserved forestry rights, in all realms from outreach with potential land donors to science and stewardship to drafting easements to fundraising. That's my gift back to ENTS/NTS for all you've given me.

I deeply appreciate ENTS/NTS and the discussions and publications, all of which have greatly influenced me and my work for many, many years.

Kind regards,