Posted: Wed Mar 29, 2017 11:57 am
by AndrewJoslin
Rihiggins wrote:Andrew,
I am certainly aware of some your exploits (including the now dethroned Eastern MA white pine champ in Concord's Hapgood Town Forest) and appreciate your welcome. This Sunday is not good but count me in for others trips. I may even humbly suggest some big guys I have seen. Yes on Thoreau in "Easterbrooks Country," as he called it, though I believe his beloved Yellow Birch Swamp was more toward the southern end. But the northern end is less traveled, which is nice.
Thanks for your response.

I'm sure you know of some great ones. I'm not being entirely accurate when I say the northern end of Estabrook. I think of the Yellow Birch Swamp as just north of the Estabrook north/south halfway point. Birch I'm referring to is in a small grove west of the Yellow Birch Swamp labeled "Moraine Boulder Field" on the Estabrook Woods map. Very interesting spot with great tree species diversity along a small north/south esker.

Here's a photo of the fine yellow birch I'm referring to with Joan Maloof, posted previously but worth looking at again.