Posted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 12:16 am
by edfrank

I understand what you are saying, and it is likely true.

The reason for the many categories is so that the posts can be organized in a way they can be effectively searched. They are going to be kept in the categories where they are posted (or moved to) in lieu of being reworked and added to the website. The way I am planning on handling things is that if something is posted i the wrong category, I will leave it there effectively by moving it where it should go and leaving a shadow copy of it where it was posted. It will appear in both places and replies made to either place will appear in both places. Then when the activity on the thread is pretty much over I can delete the shadow copy left behind in the wrong place.

The number of posts on the Google List was too great for one person to rework and organize on the ENTS website. I am going to better integrate the existing website with the BBS to keep the new posts. They need to have a parallel structure. The categories listed are ones I think we have had sufficient posts about to support the existence of the category. I do understand that fewer categories might facilitate longer discussions or more discussions, but the benefit derived from the organization of the data into these tighter categories outweigh those drawbacks.

For people who participate regularly, they can simply hit the view active topics button and see which topics have had recent posts regardless of where they are in the BBS and read and reply to the ones they are interested in.

Ed Frank