Posted: Wed Jul 12, 2017 8:14 pm
by Bob4st
Hello Don:
Thank you for your thoughts and I apologize for taking so long to reply to your post... Regarding "tell us more about yourself" I spent twenty+ years as a geologist/hydrogeologist working primarily on soil/bedrock/groundwater contaminant investigation and remediation projects, taught environmental/geology part-time at a few colleges for several years, and retrained in the 1990's for my current career as a psychotherapist/clinical social worker... Throughout all those careers I maintained a small side job/hobby which focused predominantly on cutting, pruning and planting trees, and masonry restorations... As I fast approach retirement, I plan to stick to lighter fare such as pruning and planting trees, fly fishing and hunting beautiful trees to measure/climb... can't sit still... Lastly, I was introduced to NTS through fellow members Patty and Peter Jenkins, owner/operators of Tree Climbers International while attending one of their week-long Tree Climber Training courses in Atlanta, GA...
Take care,
Bob F.