Posted: Fri Jul 07, 2017 9:27 pm
by Don
Hmmm, "gobsmacker technique"....? I may have as much to do with that as anyone, but don't recall the sentence it came from. If it was an utterance of mine, it was probably in the context of a discussion of non-standard tree forms. Such a category would include baobabs, tropical figs, a wide array of species prone to buttressed bases, and often a wide array of species when grown to their maximum, take on "gobsmacking shapes and sizes".
This brings up the issue of 'how do you measure a tree that is beyond human scale...trees with girths that are if not impossible, at least improbably measured by D-tape. Or those typically found in rainforests (Florida, Texas, Hawaii have many species with buttresses that if girth were measured at breast height, would enclose more air than wood...we're not in the business of measuring air...
That said, what suggestions for measuring such gobsmackers would you put forth?
-Don Bertolette
Member of AF Measuring Guidelines Working Group