Posted: Tue Apr 18, 2017 4:15 pm
by gnmcmartin

In Maryland, a land owner can't get any Forestry Incentives Program (FIP) assistance to plant any non-native species, including, of course, Norway spruce. A few years ago--last time I checked--one could apply for a waiver for a planting of 5% of any re-forestation project. This strict limitation is after so many native species are threatened or wiped out, including hemlocks--and while the overpopulation of deer makes planting white pine potentially a waste. And all this while, it seems to me, not nearly enough is being invested in trying to control HWA. For control of HWA on my timberland--and my timberland is a "nexus" of fine hemlock growth of considerable ecological value--I can get NO state support. The only recommendation--they WILL make a recommendation--is to cut and sell hemlock while I can. But plant NS, or larch, or any other "alien" species--no! No support for that either. Maybe having our forests reduced to fewer and fewer species is fine.

Of course, at my own expense, I can plant what I want. Will a law be passed to prevent that? Well, I can bear the planting expense myself since I can do the work, and am happy to do it, but can other landowners?