Posted: Tue Mar 14, 2017 6:44 pm
by AndrewJoslin
oxman wrote:Tree climbing can be controversial if you think about it too hard. Does an 8 year old feel a climb is 'controversial'?

I recently had a chance to give my perspective to a group of people taking a class at Shoreline College from the Washington Native Plant Society. At the conclusion of the 12 week session, the graduates of the class became Native Plant Stewards.

This is a half hour video of my presentation, which includes more than just tree climbing. You may infer my perspective from it.

Enjoy !

Agreed, for me there is nothing controversial about tree climbing. I facilitate a lot of young people up into trees, they never ask, "Why climb?", they always ask the right question, "When can I climb?".

As mentioned previously, as long as we promote good tree climbing ethics we're on the right path. There is still the problem of how to deal with the clash between rec climbers, land managers/law enforcement and researchers around high-profile old-growth. My strategy is find my own trees.

Great talk! I love the Saluting Branches Rope, I have a 150' length, one of my favorites. Thanks Michael.