Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:45 pm
by Erik Danielsen
Verily, the price we pay for commitment to accuracy is to shave the margins of our height record specimens when we upgrade to more accurate equipment! The Chestnut Oak and White Oak at Inwood Hill were similar for me.

For some species, Green Lakes and Zoar are incredibly neck-and-neck. The revised Sugar Maple height puts two at Zoar slightly taller. The margin is slim in the other direction on Basswood, Hemlock and Beech as well. Each has one 140+ bitternut plus one other just a touch short of that milestone. White Ash at Green Lakes isn't far behind, though the sheer number of 135-139' specimens at Zoar is unusual. Tuliptree and Sycamore are the only really big margins. Considering Zoar's dramatic topography, the trees of Green Lakes are all the more impressive.