Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 8:02 pm
by ElijahW

I did some measuring at Green Lakes this afternoon, and have a few updates to share. All previous measurements I’ve made here were done with my old Nikon 440 and clinometer, so I was expecting some different results this time with my Trupulse. A couple of trees earned promotions, but most ended up slightly shorter than before. Here’s a list of trees measured:


150.0’ x 10.45’ (new to the list)

Bitternut Hickory

140.8’ x 5.07’ (previously 141.8’)
138.7’ x 8.83’ (previously 139.8’)

Sugar Maple

129.2’ x 6.27’ (previously 131.6’; I think the top recently broke on this tree)

American Basswood

132.4’ x 7.78’ (previously 133.0’)

American Beech

125.2’ x 6.04’ (previously 125.8’)

Eastern Cottonwood

125.1’ x 7.83’ (last measured by Jess Riddle to 117’ in 2011)

The Rucker Height Index remains nearly identical, at 131.7’.

I’ll continue re-measuring trees with the Trupulse as time and weather allow.