Posted: Sun Nov 12, 2017 9:28 pm
by ElijahW

I have a few quick updates on two of the Irondequoit Bay parks.

In Lucien Morin, today's measurement of the tallest Tulip put it at 155.9', an increase of 3' since first measured in May 2016. I was also able to locate a nearby Black Walnut that measured 126.0' x 5'11", just eclipsing a pair of Zoar Valley walnuts as NY's tallest.

In Irondequoit Bay Park West, a White Pine previously mis-measured at 130.0' came out to an even 139' x 7'10". The Black Cherry measured last year at 129.0' x 7'8" has grown to 130.0' x 7'10". A Red Maple new to the list came in at 120.3' x 8'3". I also came across a couple of downed Black Oaks and was able to get rough ring counts to verify their ages. The smaller oak, 19-20" inches in diameter at about 27' from its base, had 190 rings on my first count and an even 200 on the second. I think both counts were conservative and that the tree is somewhere in the neighborhood of 230 years old. The second, larger oak had much wider rings on average, but also came out to approximately 225 years old. My guess is that many of the surrounding White, Black, and Red Oaks are of similar age. Some photos below:


Smaller of the Black Oaks - ~200 growth rings ~27' above the base


Bark texture of same Black Oak


130' Black Cherry; I'm standing about halfway between camera and tree

Current Rucker Index for Irondequoit Bay Parks:

Tuliptree 155.9'
Eastern White Pine 139.0'
White Ash 137.7'
Red Hickory 136.6'
Eastern Cottonwood 132.3'
Northern Red Oak 131.9'
Bitternut Hickory 131.5'
Black Cherry 130.0'
Black Walnut 126.0'
Eastern Hemlock 125.1'

Average Top Ten Species: 134.6'